Eucalyptus Cladocalyx


seedEnergy established Eucalyptus cladocalyx trials at Mount Gambier in South Australia, Deans Marsh and Carisbrook in Victoria during 2002 and 2003 with the aim of developing high quality seedling seed orchards for plantation saw-log production. The trials were measured at ages 4 to 6 years. In 2009 genetic evaluations were undertaken and the results used to cull each trial to a population of genetically superior trees for seed production.

Genetic material

seedEnergy's Eucalyptus cladocalyx trial at 'Goodwood', Mt Gambier in 2009.

The trials comprised 54 plus tree phenotypes for growth and stem form selected from the best performing natural populations (Wirrabara and Flinders Chase) and planted stands (Lismore, Vic.) of E. cladocalyx.

Seed orchard design
and development

The trials were established as resolvable block designs with 21 (Carisbrook) to 25 (Mt Gambier and Deans Marsh) replicates of single tree plots. The trials were assessed for diameter at age 4 years (Mt Gambier and Carisbrook) and age 6 years (Deans Marsh). The Deans Marsh trial was assessed for stem form and forking at age six years. Genetic evaluations based on growth and stem form were carried out in 2009. The results were used to convert the trials to seedling seed orchards by culling the inferior trees at each site and retaining the best trees for seed production.

Seed availability

Seed has been harvested from elite orchards trees since 2009. seedEnergy has a large stock of E. cladocalyx seed available.

"Seed and tree performance is influenced by nursery and silvicultural techniques, environmental conditions and the genetic composition of each tree. seedEnergy does not guarantee the actual performance of seed or trees due to other factors directly influencing the performance of each seed or tree. seedEnergy gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness, or description of any seeds and will not be responsible for the resultant crop."