Eucalyptus Saligna


seedEnergy commenced production of genetically improved Eucalyptus saligna seed in 2008. seedEnergy's original seedling seed orchard was planted by Hancock Victorian Plantations in 1991 near Glencoe, Victoria as a geographically sub-lined provenance-family trial with a broad genetic base. seedEnergy took over management of the trial in 2008 and has since developed it into a seedling seed orchard. In 2008, seedEnergy established a large trial at Mt. Gambier, South Australia comprising seedlots sourced from a range of native forest families from good performing provenances with the intention of converting it to a seedling seed orchard.

Seed orchard development

In 2008, seedEnergy assessed trees in the Glencoe trial for stem diameter, straightness and forking at age 17 years. Following an analysis, plus trees were selected from the best provenances and the inferior genotypes were culled.

Seed availability

Seed harvested from plus trees at the Glencoe seed orchard is available for purchase from seedEnergy.

"Seed and tree performance is influenced by nursery and silvicultural techniques, environmental conditions and the genetic composition of each tree. seedEnergy does not guarantee the actual performance of seed or trees due to other factors directly influencing the performance of each seed or tree. seedEnergy gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness, or description of any seeds and will not be responsible for the resultant crop."