seedEnergy Company Profile

Business Focus

seedEnergy is in business to assist clients realise greater profits from their plantation enterprise via the delivery of fully tested, accurately selected genetically improved seed


seedEnergy was established in 2001 as a specialist producer of genetically improved seed for plantation forestry.


Its headquarters are near Mount Gambier in the southeast of South Australia. A second office is located at Margate in southeast Tasmania.

Licence for Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus

seedEnergy is licensed to use the Southern Tree Breeding Association's (STBA) genetic material and intellectual property to produce high genetic quality seed of Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) and Tasmanian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) for Australian clients.

Eucalyptus dunnii

seedEnergy has developed an advanced genetic improvement project for Eucalyptus dunnii, with progeny trials in Australia (NSW and SA), China, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. High quality seed is produced from clonal orchards, principally for international clients.

Eucalyptus nitens

seedEnergy is the sole agent for Derford Nitens seed orchard Shining Gum (Eucalyptus nitens) seed. Derford Nitens clonal and seedling orchards have been extensively progeny tested to improve the accuracy of selection for greater genetic gain.

Other Eucalyptus seed orchards

seedEnergy produces seed orchard seed of an additional 6 Eucalyptus species suited to both drier (500-700 mm rainfall) and wetter (>800 mm rainfall) plantation sites.

Key Clients

In order to secure long-term business seedEnergy has entered into seed supply agreements with key clients. Key clients receive priority access to the highest quality seed orchard seed. seedEnergy is managing seed supply agreements that have been in place for over 20 years. Such agreements allow seedEnergy to invest the necessary capital to purchase or lease suitable land and facilities for seed production.