Pinus Radiata


Tree improvement for Pinus radiata has occurred in Australia for over 50 years. In the mid 1980's, pine germplasm and performance data from around Australia were amalgamated into the Southern Tree Breeding Association (STBA) breeding program. Today, the STBA has over 300,000 genotypes with full breeding values and 3rd generation selections available for deployment into seed orchards. seedEnergy is licensed by the STBA to access this genetic material for production of genetically superior seed.

Open Pollinated Seed

seedEnergy's control pollinated Pinus radiata seed orchard at Boyer, Tasmnaia

Seed extraction for Radiata Pine

seedEnergy manages 15 orchards with a total area of around 104 ha. Orchards are grown on a 15 year rotation. Each year, the oldest orchard is clear felled and replanted with the best germplasm available. In this way, seedEnergy has a "rolling front" approach to providing the very best open pollinated seed orchard seed to the market as early as possible.

Control Pollinated Seed

seedEnergy manages 4 dedicated Control Pollinated seed orchards. Emerging cone flowers are fully isolated from wild pollen until reproductive receptivity has passed. During receptivity, the cone flowers are pollinated with a pollen of high genetic quality specifically matched to the female parent to produce family seedlots of superior pedigree.

Orchard candidates selection


STBA TREEPLANĀ® breeding values are used to select the best candidates to deploy into seedEnergy's orchards.

Seed certification

Seedlots from both open pollinated and control pollinated orchards are certified using STBA TREEPLANĀ® breeding values.

Seed Availability

seedEnergy produces both Open Pollinated and Control Pollinated seeds annually.

"Seed and tree performance is influenced by nursery and silvicultural techniques, environmental conditions and the genetic composition of each tree. seedEnergy does not guarantee the actual performance of seed or trees due to other factors directly influencing the performance of each seed or tree. seedEnergy gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness, or description of any seeds and will not be responsible for the resultant crop."